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Radiation Finder

Osun Radiation Finder

You could use this meter to choose the appliances or cell phones with the lowest radiation levels and keep a safe distance from radiation sources.

Easy to operate for everyday use! No technical background needed!

Radiation Finder stands out from other EMF radiation detectors
  • For cell phones, routers, microwave ovens, power lines, TVs, computers, electrical fans, AC alarm clocks, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, and washers and dryers.
  • 3 dimensional detection means easy, accurate and speedy detection of radiations in all directions.
  • Detect BOTH Low Frequency (LF) and High Frequency (RF) radiation strength of all household appliances and wireless devices.
  • Easy to use with Safe/Caution/Warning lights. No technical background needed!

Why pay more when you get better quality with the Osun Radiation Finder?

Green light: No EMF or HF radiation detected or it is at safe level.
Yellow light: EMF or HF radiation is strong.
Red light: EMF or HF radiation is very strong.

User Instructions & technical specifications  (Please click on the manual below to download details)

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"I have two Osun Radiation Finders, and they have consistently shown me (yellow) fields coming down into my apartment from the ceiling and in from the kitchen door wall switch area up and down and out into the room also...This morning Osun shows yellow about 1/4th down from the ceiling into the rooms, and 13" into the room from the kitchen door wall switch area, and my gaussmeter shows 1.0 to 0.9 mG. My Osun Radiation Finder has been very consistent with the findings...Thank you again, and I am spreading the word about how well your meter works."
- C. M.

"Got the items today (radiation detector). I like them and I hope my customers will too!!  I would like to thank you for a speedy and very friendly service."
- R. F.

"Thank you again for your fantastic service during my recent purchase of a radiation detector. I am so impressed with the product and your company."
- G. H. (Australia)

"I was pleasantly surprised that you would refund the un-used certificate to me. It is not the money, but the attitude and professionalism that impressed me. I will let my friends know as well."
- H.Y. (Canada)
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