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Quality EMF protection begins with Osun's EMF detector series for personal use or for your family. For people use special medical devices, Osun offers a further level of protection through PaceAlert series devices.  We also offer a top quality UV detection product to prevent sunburns in all outdoor activities, as well as a PillMate product reminding people to take pills in different frequencies.

EMF Detector Series - For handy everyday use as well as paranormal research (Comparision Table of Detector Series)

EMF Hunter
  • High end radiation detector also popular for ghost hunting.
  • Superior accuracy! Measures low and high frequency radiation precisely with bar display.
  • Visible in the dark! Both visual and audible alarm indicate clear radiation levels even in the dark.
  • Unique temperature reading capability.
Price: $79.95 
Radiation Finder
  • For cell phones, routers, microwave oven, powerlines, TVs, computers, and all other household appliances.
  • Detect EMF LF and HF radiation strength
  • 3 dimensional detection.
  • Easy to use with Safe/Caution/Warning lights. No technical background needed!
Price: $39.95
  • For cell phones, routers, microwave oven, powerlines, TVs, computers, and all other household appliances.
  • Detect EMF LF and HF radiation strength
  • 3 dimensionaldetection.
  • Smallest EMF detector on the market! Weighing only 0.7 oz and the size of a gum.
Price: $39.95 

Pace Alert Series - Specially designed for Pacemaker and Dedefibrillator Users(Comparision Table of Pace-Alert Series)

Pace-Alert (Patented)
  • Configured based on pacemaker/ICD manufacturer specifications with safety margins.
  • Top line design precisely identifies Low Frequency (M) and High Frequency (RF), and Electrical fields (E) common in manufacturing/factory environment.
  • 3 dimensional detection.
Price: $195.00
Pace-Alert Mini (Patented)
  • Configured based on pacemaker/ICD manufacturer specifications with safety margins.
  • Accurately identifies Low Frequency and High Frequency radiations over the warning thresholds.
  • Weighing only 0.7 oz and the size of a gum, easy to carry and protect you outside your home in new environments.
Price: $125.00
Pace-Alert DCM
  • The Pace-alert DCM detects strong DC magnetic field that may interfere with the functioning of cardiac pacemakers and implantable defibrillators. Upon detection of such field, the Pace-alert DCM warns recipients with a visual alarm so they can quickly move from potential causes of interference
Price: $79.95

UV Detector Series - Prevent sunburns for outdoor activities in all seasons

  • Affordable high end UV detector covering full spectrum of UV rays (UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C).
  • Fit for all weather conditions, sunny, cloudy, even snowy days.
  • Using advanced photo-diode technology to accurately detect the UV rays.
Price: $35.00

Want to help your loved ones stay away from invisible EMF radiation sources?

Let us help you relax with a handy E-Alert device. Walk around the house and find all sources triggering a 'warning' or 'caution' sound/light and keep away from those sources.

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EMF Radiation Shield Series - Effectively Protect yourself from EMF Radiations

  • A slick top-quality genuine leather holster with belt clips.
  • The specially designed radiation shield layer effectively shields phone radiations when the user wears the holster and the phone can still receive signals normally.
  • Fit most phones on the market.
Price: $54.95
  • Fashionable Maternity Camisole/Tank with Radiation Shield
  • Ultra strong shielding capability: unique cutting-edge high-tech blend shielding almost all daily Electromagnetic Fields radiations up to 60DB
  • Specially designed for expecting moms who use cell phones and microwave ovens on daily basis.
  • Can wear as an inner layer or underneath professional dresses. Fit all 3 trimesters
Price: $109.95

PillMate/Event Reminder - Never miss a dosage again!

  • Perfect for people taking multiple medications or dietary supplements several times a day.
  • Fit for all common medication schedules including 1-4 times a day and weekly.
  • Ultra simple to use - press only two buttons! No complicated programming necessary.
Price: $24.95
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