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Osun Pill-Mate
This neat handy device can alert you the scheduled times for your medications by pressing just 2 buttons.

Simple and convenient! Never miss a dosage again! Perfect for people taking multiple medications/dietary supplements more than once a day.

Pill-Mate stands out from other medication reminders on the market
  • Can set reminders for unlimited bottles of medications.
  • Fit for all common medication schedules including 1-4 times a day and weekly.
  • Ultra simple to use - press only two buttons and you're set to go! No complicated programming necessary.
  • Easy to understand schedule-buttons listed by pill-taking frequency.
  • Durable for years of usage.

With best quality yet affordable price, Pill-Mate is your choice to simplify the pill schedules everyday!

User Instructions  (Please click on the manual below to download details) 

Pill-Mate Manual

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