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Pace-Alert Mini

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Osun Pace-Alert Mini
Specially designed for pacemaker and ICD wearers (patented), this ultra compact device is portable and discrete for users to keep a safe distance from magnetic field (EMF) and high frequency (RF) sources, effectively preventing pacemaker interference.

The only radiation detector on the market specially configured for pacemaker/ICD users!
Small yet sensitive, Pace-Alert Mini is ideal to be attached to a key chain and carry anywhere!

Pace-Alert Mini stands out from other EMF detectors on the market
  • Configured based on pacemaker/ICD manufacturer specifications with safety margin to give you early warning before any interference with your device.
  • Weighing only 0.7 oz and the size of a gum, easy to carry and protect you outside your home in new environments.
  • 3 dimensional detection means easy, accurate and speedy detection of radiations in all directions.
  • Detect BOTH Low Frequency (LF) and High Frequency (RF) radiation strength of all household appliances and wireless devices that are over the warning thresholds.
  • Easy to use with LF/HF lights indicating any radiation stronger than the thresholds. No technical background needed.
  • Visual and audible alarms give clear indication of radiation levels in the light or in the dark.
  • Battery included.

With best quality and full functionality packed in this mini device, Pace-Alert Mini is ideal for users of special medical devices.

Annual calibration service
We provide one year warranty for our products. After the first year, we provide an annual calibration service. Please contact us for service requests.

User Instructions & technical specifications  (Please click on the manual below to download details)

"I have received back the PaceAlert and check.  Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and professionalism."
- F. K.

"We just purchased a PaceAlert, so we should be sending one back for calibration this time next year.  It's already proved useful for identifying areas in the plant where someone with a pacemaker shouldn't go."
- J. M. (Annapolis. MD)

"I recieved the Pace-alert and I used it to check a machine shop for EMI.  It worked great."
- J. K.

"I work in a chemical factory as a manufacturing manager and already it has warned me several times about special equipment that we use...Please pass on my thanks to all at Osun for such a good product and excellent customer services.."
-T. D. (UK)

"The Alert mini are in my possession now. I have tested them and they are working perfectly. Thanks for everything."
-J. K. (Kenya)
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