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EMF Hunter

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"I received EMF Hunter in the post yesterday. Thank you so much... it is exactly what I was after and more. I found the range of its scale perfect for around the home. This thing is amazing - everyone should have one. Thankyou for your great service...Kind regards."
- M. S.(Australia)

Osun EMF Hunter - EMF Radiation Detector

You could use this meter to choose the appliances with the lowest radiation, stay away from dangerous radiation sources, and popular for ghost hunting!

Even Mr. Spock would like this one! You can have our EMF Hunter to detect and sense the invisible fields around you! It has 3 separate sensors--HF, LF, and Temperature(optional) that are user selectable to provide a really cool readout on three Sci-Fi styled LED bars! Utilizing state-of-art technology, you can walk around your house and actually "SEE" these fields around you! You will be amazed at what you find. Perfect to use in the light or in the dark!

EMF Hunter stands out from other high end detectors on the market
  • For cell phones, power lines, and all other electrical appliances, as well as ghost hunting.
  • 3 dimensional detection means easy, accurate and speedy detection.
  • Superior accuracy! Measures low frequency and high frequency radiations precisely with numerical bar display.
  • Visible in the dark! Both visual and audible alarm gives clear indication of radiation levels even in the dark.
  • Unique temperature reading capability to detect elevated temperature as a result of EMF exposure.
  • Color code of Safe/Caution/Warning with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to indicate the EMF and HF radiation strength.

Why spend hundreds more while you get better functionality with the EMF Hunter?

Green light: No EMF or HF radiation detected or it is at safe level.
Yellow light: EMF or HF radiation is strong.
Red light: EMF or HF radiation is very strong.
Temperature (option with temperature sensor purchase): 32 - 102 degrees. Warning at 99 degree.

User Instructions & technical specifications  (Please click on the manual below to download details) 

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