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EMF is all around us and hard to avoid completely...

The technological revolution continues to offer us great potential improvement in the quality of our lives. In order to fully receive the positive gifts of this technology, it is important that we identify and protect ourselves and our loved ones from the negative effects this revolution is also having on us.

The full spectrum of manmade electromagnetic fields (EMFs), including the WiFi or wireless and microwave radiation becomes so popular and common in our everyday life. Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) have different properties and different ways of causing harmful biological effects.

Where does the radiation come from?

What are the health concerns possibly caused by EMF radiations?

Pacemaker or Defibrillator Users

Strong EMF Sources

Osun is your solution to reduce exposures to EMF

Where does the radiation come from?

Everywhere around us. Some people become ill from many types of EMF sources, such as alarm clocks too close to their bed, sitting too close to a TV or computer, or using a cell phone.

  • Computers or TV
  • Microwave ovens
  • Wireless Antennas and Routers
  • Cell Phones
  • Powerlines
  • Hair Dryers
  • Wall Wires, etc.

What are the health concerns possibly caused by EMF radiations?

Most scientists agree that it is wise to protect ourselves from biological effects that are known to exist. Overly strong EMF radiation may cause multiple symptoms including

Pacemaker or Defibrillator Users

This is even a bigger concern to anyone who uses a special implanted medical device like pacemaker or defibrillator. When pacemakers are installed, most doctors warn patients to stay away from electric, magnetic field (EMF), and high frequency (RF) sources.

Strong EMF Sources

Strong EMF sources in our environment highly depend on what you do, where you go, and how you live. For example, if you live in downtown of a big city you may encounter many sources. If you are an electrician or welder then you definitely get close to electrical equipment more than other people.

However, EMF and RF are invisible and today?s life is full of electrical appliances. How to know when to avoid electrical interference?

We have a solution for you!

Osun Technologies designs, manufactures, and markets an entire line of EMF radiation detectors both for everyday use and special medical device (pacemaker and defibrillator) users to detect and stay away from dangerous levels of radiation.

We utilizes the most advanced design and state-of-the-art technology to detect multiple types of radiation accurately and quickly.  Learn more about our EMF detectors designed for high frequency, low frequency, and electrical radiations.

It is our mission to provide the most effective radiation detectors and other essential home care equipments for you and your family.

Methods to reduce exposures to EMF

There are a number of ways to reduce harmful exposure to EMF. Some are as easy as standing back from an appliance when it is in use. Remember that magnetic fields from appliances drop off dramatically in strength with increased distance from the source. If the measured radiation level of a cell phone is high, consider using shielded accessories. If the problem persists, you may want to switch to another cell phone or service company. Cell phone radiation levels vary from phone to phone and from company to company.

Other EMF reduction steps, such as correcting a household wiring problem, are worth doing for safety reasons. The traditional way of grounding electrical devices is to connect them to water pipes. However, today's pipes are mostly plastic and do not provide good grounding. One suggestion is to find a pure metal pipe and redo the wiring. It is wise to reduce as much as possible the time spent near known sources of strong EMF. Turn off all electrical appliances when you aren't using them.


Want to help your loved ones stay away from invisible EMF radiation sources?

Let us help you relax with a handy EMF E-Alert. Walk around the house and find all sources triggering a 'warning' or 'caution' sound/light and keep away from those sources.

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