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If there is no health, there is no wealth.

Osun Technologies designs, manufactures, and markets personal and professional healthcare and wellness products, and other equipment for daily life. We specialize in electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or e-pollution detection and prevention, as well as other home care equipments including UV detection and medication reminder products.

  • Osun utilizes the most advanced design and state-of-the-art technology in every product that the company offers.
  • Our products are manufactured with the highest quality standard for years of dependable use.
  • Osun continues to work with supplies and partners worldwide to achieve stringent quality and cost objectives. Please contact us for product customization requests.

The company's founder and management team have extensive experience in personal healthcare products and general business management. They hold technical and advanced degrees, and have held senior level management positions in large and startup companies, and in distinguished academic and research institutes.

We have two locations. The headquarters and design center are located in Texas, and warehouse/repair, and accounting are located in Virginia.

Osun' products are available to purchase online and through distributors, and directly from the company (for wholesale orders).
Want to help your loved ones stay away from invisible EMF radiation sources?

Let us help you relax with a handy EMF E-Alert. Walk around the house and find all sources triggering a 'warning' or 'caution' sound/light and keep away from those sources.
If you want to place multiple orders or would like to modify the design, please contact us directly...

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